10 December 2021

New EP, Apperception, available now!

Songs I Like

10 December 2020

Just a few cover songs!

The Blacklock EP

11 June 2020

Better late than never! Check out Pablo Draws for more on the album cover art. Now streaming everywhere!


09 August 2016

Short film I wrote and produced with Damon Calderwood. Oh yeah, I'm also starring in it and did the music, sound design and editing.

John Apple Jack Soundtrack

06 July 2015

All new, remastered and extended, the music from John Apple Jack is now available on all streaming services and for download/purchase over at bandcamp.

Inheritance - Teaser

28 March 2015

Check out this teaser/trailor for Inheritance - A Pick Your Path Experience. Sound design and music by yours truly.

Windfall - Official Trailor

28 February 2015

See the trailer for the new forthcoming film directed by Rick Tae. The trailor features an acoustic performance of one my old songs, "Weather"

In addition to using some of my older songs, the music and sound design was also done by Yours Truly!

JOHN APPLE JACK World Premiere

03 June 2013

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 2013 | 7:00 PM

Vancouver Asian Film Festival Centrepiece Gala!
Feature Film Romantic Comedy featuring original score by Heath Whitelock.


30 January 2013

A short film by Craig Benzan that details the depths to which unre­quited love can drive a man, and the raw, burn­ing scars it can leave on those most dear. Or some-thing like that.

Transfusance was recently accepted into the NSI Short Film Festival.

Along with playing the role of Brad, the music was also composed by Yours Truly.

Diviner's Sage

29 January 2013

I recently had the privilege of composing a short classical piece and having it recorded by the amazing Vancouver Film Orchestra in conjunction with Screen Composers Guild of Canada. What an experience!

The piece was recorded at The Warehouse Studio here in Vancouver and was conducted by Hal Beckett.

Listen to "The Deviner's Sage":

Yup...I'm the bad guy...

06 March 2012

Shy Asians

26 October 2010

Written and directed by Rick Tae, this mocu-commercial short film shows what Asians are really capable of.

Music composed by Yours Truly!

"Blow Me Up" old school

13 May 2010

Youtube kinda freaks me out. You never know what you are gonna find up there. Above is a video of somebody playing Stepmania which licensed my song "Blow Me Up" from my first album.

Yup...I'm that Tum's guy...

03 June 2009